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Inductive measuring system

As the perfect solution for precisely determining the position within complex and difficult-to-access systems, we are expanding our product portfolio. Available from fall 2024, this new system offers a user-friendly plug & play solution that works with all common control programs on the market.



The inclusion of a special groove in the guide rail makes it possible to insert the magnetic measuring tape without any problems, ensuring that the entire module runs smoothly. The screw holes in the guide rail remain unaffected and are not covered. 



The sensor is neatly integrated into a 3D-printed holder in the wiper, which means that the size changes only minimally compared to conventional linear modules without a measuring system. This intelligent integration makes the Franke linear guide extremely easy to install and maintain, while remaining insensitive to contamination. 

The trolley can still be removed from the rail, and it is still possible to couple several rails (up to 50 m) without any problems. 

In addition, most existing Franke linear guides can be retrofitted with little effort. The only exceptions to this option are linear guides of type FDI and FDD. 

If you have any questions about technical details or areas of application, please contact our technical sales team.  


Philipp Hügler 
Technical consultation 
Phone.: +49 7361 920 184